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About the Artist: Gerald Tobin

Gerald Tobin is a self taught artist, who also happens to have a love for Ford cars; Mustangs in particular. He made the decision several years ago to try his hand at automotive art, which he quickly excelled at. He has always been very passionate about his art, and he pours his heart and soul into each and every piece. This is apparent in the results, which are absolutely spectacular.

Because he was not able to find Mustang art that suited his tastes, he decided that he would create his own collection of Mustang artwork. Gerald has crafted an outstanding series of classic Mustang paintings and drawings. His objective in his watercolor paintings was to make all of the Mustang and Shelby cars look as realistic as possible, and make the backgrounds look surreal, in order to emphasize the realism of the cars themselves. Most people can not believe that they are not photographs, until they look a lot more closely at the backgrounds.

It seemed that everyone that saw his paintings said that they were far too beautiful for him to keep to himself. He was told time and time again, by many admirers of his work, that his artwork was far superior to anything that they had seen, and that he needed to share these incredible works of art with others.

In order to give the countless Mustang art lovers the chance to own some of Geraldís artwork, it was decided to make the watercolor paintings into limited edition lithographs. At present, Pony Car Art is offering two of these classic Mustang paintings as limited edition lithographs. There are only going to be 750 of each of the limited edition lithographs ever sold. Each lithograph is hand numbered, and contains the artistís signature.

Gerald has also created several magnificent pencil drawings, mostly of classic Shelby Mustangs. The detail in these works of art is as incredible as that in his paintings. It has amazed so many people when seeing the chrome and the glass shine on these cars, using only watercolors in his paintings, or with just a #2 pencil in the case of his pencil drawings. Most of the pencil drawings are currently available as prints, printed on heavyweight stock, in order to maintain the level of quality of the original drawings.

All of these works by Gerald Tobin are available exclusively from Pony Car Art. This includes the limited edition lithographs, the pencil drawing prints, and also some original automotive paintings that are not Mustangs, but are earlier works of his. These original pieces are one of a kind. The lucky new owner of each of these beautiful paintings will have the only one.

From time to time, Gerald takes on contract work to create an automotive painting for someone, usually of their own favorite car. This can only happen once every so often, because of the sheer amount of hours involved in creating one of his paintings, and is on a first come first serve basis. If you are interested in finding out more about having him create a painting just for you, please call us at 978-658-6589.

Thank you from the people at Pony Car Art.

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Limited Edition Fine Art Lithographs for the Mustang Enthusiast. Painted by Automotive Artist Gerald Tobin.
Available Exclusively From Pony Car Art.     For more information, contact us at contactus@ponycarart.com.    
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